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lighter amount on the order of one to two inches. we are getting reports of heavy snow falling in charlottesville. winter storm warnings of four to six inches. this is the southern tomorrow. yesterday we thought it would be between fredericksburg and richmond. showing counties that don't include d.c. but include winter storm warnings on the eastern shore. as this evening commute gets going look for things to change between now and 6:00. our southern tracking snow storm will be causing problems south. it is light rain now where it is precipitation in the region. it will mix to light snow. we expect no problems for d.c. on north. where we do get freezing temperatures overnight and down south where you get accumulation we are concerned there will be slick spots early in the morning. i noticed today there was a ton
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of salt on the road. good job crews! where the roads were not treated there could be problems in the morning. gary has more on radar and how much snow we expect to occur and where. >> driving around d.c. you'd think the snow occurred. the salt is blowing around. we'll show you the big picture. snow is lurking back southwest of us. you can see snow west of the mountains. as the sun begins to set and as this light rain moves in it will help tumble the temperature down. we'll get light snow in d.c. i'm talking light snow. that's the way the storm system looks. another picture where the center of the storm is. it is way down in central sections of georgia now. it will start to transfer energy to the coast. as that happens we'll see a broken pattern of snow. eventually it will dissipate. temperatures again hovering in
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the lower 40s to 30s out west. once the sunsets we precipitate into this atmosphere and the temperatures will come down cold enough to support snow. not a lot will stick. heaviest of the snow is well south of us. i want to give you a sense of the numbers here. maybe a dusting for d.c. everything else is down to the south of us. i'll show you this in greater detail coming up in the full forecast. everything basically to the south like what we talked about yesterday. sterday. people to is south of d.c. should be preparing and they are for the snowfall. karen is along i-95 in frederickburg with the latest. >> reporter: we drove 65-miles south hoping to see some signs
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of snow. so far all we have got is rain. as gary and sue were saying temperatures are going to drop later. we'll probably see the snow then. as for now salt trucks have been sent along i-95. their sole mission so to give the rush hour some traction. ra hours before the snow was due, the trucks at stafford county salt distribution center were ready. y. they lined up to get their fill of a mixture of sand and salt. it is an exercise they train for year-round. and they were raring to go. >> yesterday we spent time making sure all repairs of equipment were finished. putting plows on vehicles and loading up with salt and sand.
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>> reporter: once they had their loads the drivers staged at the lot and the frederickburg area. v-dot put 900 pieces of equipment into service. >> we have trucks dedicated to i-95 which is nothing but plowed snow and clear ramps from stafford to caroline. >> reporter: at the i-95 rest stop some travelers were in a hurry to beat the storm. others were less than impressed. >> one to two inches from new jersey is not a big deal. the only thing is do these southern drivers know how to drive in the snow? i don't think so. >> i would like to beat it. i'm hoping to get at least into north carolina today. na today. but when you are old and you don't have to be on a schedule for work you can take your time and get stuck any place at all. >> reporter: i don't know if there will be enough snow to get stuck but the folks at v-
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dot say they are monitoring the forecast so they can roll out their snow plows at a moment's live. karen gray houston fox 5 news. >> the traffic behind you seems to be moving well. thank you very much. remember you can track the storm with the fox 5 weather app. download it on your droid, i- phone or ipad. send us your weather picks if you see snow at xd thousands of d.c. public school children will be attending different schools next year as the district looks to find ways to improve education and cut wasteful spending. today chancellor announced her plan to consolidate 13 schools. two will close at the end of the year. others next year. >> it comes down to too many schools being operated. resources can be used better if
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schools are consolidated. here's a list at the school close scenes at the end of 2003. 2003. two others will close at the end of 2014. 4. >> we need an education! >> reporter: even with the protests, this one outside mayor gray's house earlier this week, there was no stopping many of the school closing the chancellor announced friday. she said she'd start the process of consolidating schools soon. >> ultimately we are paying too much and offering too little. we will be able to expand
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opportunities at sought after schools across the district. >> reporter: after serious nail- biting there were victories. malcomb x elementary in ward 8 was saved and across town logan circle avoided the ax. >> it is good to know we don't have to worry about them being split up and learning somebody else to work with. and being able to stay where they are comfortable is good news. >> reporter: here at johnson middle school in southeast one reason for keeping this school open was the safety of students. chancellor henderson was concerned if you sent the students to other nearby schools there could be violence. >> this is kids from different neighborhoods who have established problems with each other, gangs, crews, beefs. >> reporter: some students will be transferred to nearby schools. others will be bussed. when it comes to the school buildings themselves, the hope is to turn them into recreation
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or community centers. what about more school closures in the future? here's what the chancellor had to say. >> i'm hoping not to have to do this again, my friend. >> reporter: let's hope so. this plan will save the district $8.5 million. that will then be re invested into other schools. i know it went fast so if you want to look at the closings again you can find them at looking ahead to president obama's inauguration on monday metro says it will sell special one-day passes. they'll feature an image of president obama. they are $15 and passengers can load more money to use after inauguration day. online auction saids like ebay and craigslist agreed to stop scalpers from selling inauguration tickets. tickets.
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the tickets cost up to two grand. while it is not illegal to sell tickets inaugural tickets people get from members of congress are supposed to be free. now that president obama vailed plan a at reducing gun violence those for and against are making themselves heard loud and clear. the topic fires up all over the country. the battle lines on gun laws are in congress. >> reporter: after outlining proposals to diminish gun violence president obama signed executive actions aimed at strengthening gun laws. >> we'll make its easier to keep guns out of the hands of criminals by strengthening background checks. >> reporter: that requires congressional action as does the call for the re-instatement on the ban of military-style assault weapons and trafficking
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laws. >> there is a need for an assault weapons ban. >> reporter: while some mayors immediately supported the measure some lawmakers are opposed. >> the shooting in connecticut lead to this. nothing is proposed could have prevented connecticut. >> reporter: nra is proposing an epic battle. >> this is less about protecting our children than it was about using our children to promote an antigun agenda. >> reporter: some lawmen are vowing to ignore the restrictions. >> i don't think it is reasonable for anyone to think i'll enforce federal gun laws in my county. >> reporter: other recommendations that need congressional action include funding for more police officers and money for public health research on gun violence. updated legislation on the ban will be updated next week. the first hearing on the president's proposals are scheduled for the end of the
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month. coming up, jury deliberations begin in the former police officer accused of killing a woman in a child custody dispute. >> a college football player learns his girlfriend doesn't exist. was he duped or is he lying? reaction to the story next. >> more on this snow. is it coming? how far north is it coming? we'll look at the evening forecast and see when and where we may start seeing snow in the next few hours. that's coming up. stay with us. 
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a bizarre story from the world of college football is raising more questions with every passing hour. notre dame line backer manti te'o will have to enplain how the girlfriend who inspired his play never existed. >> reporter: anyone who followed notre dame football heard the story of the fighting irish's running up to the championship game last week and how team captain manti te'o recounted how he gained inspiration by the death of his girlfriend two was strickenned down by leukemia. the girlfriend never exist and te'o was a victim of a hoax. the story was a big part of one of the biggest players in college football. notre dame line backer manti
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te'o told espn and other media outlets his girlfriend died from leukemia in september. >> reporter: the girlfriend te'o claims died never existed. te'o was tricked online. >> this was an elaborated sophisticated hoax. manti was the victim of that hoax. >> reporter: notre dame athletic director says in december te'o discovered someone with a fake name started an online relationship with him that lead him to believe she died in september. >> every single thing about this, until that day in the first week of december was real to manti. there was no suspicion that it wasn't. pain was real. the grief was real. the affection was real. >> reporter: in a statement manti te'o wrote quote to realize i was a victim of what
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was someone's sick joke and constant lies was and is painful and humiliated. notre dame fans are shocked. >> i really hope it is not true that he would have anything to do with it. >> i was shocked. you can see why it is believable. >> reporter: in te'o's home state of hawaii words of support. >> he is a good kid. he would never do anything like that. >> whatever comes out of this we still love manti. >> reporter: in the end perhaps the only sure thing about this story are the last words manti te'o spoke in his final press conference after losing the national championship. >> what doesn't kill you will only make you stronger. >> reporter: clearly the lingering question hanging over all of this is if manti te'o was a victim or somehow played a role in creating this story. in interviews te'o claimed to have met the woman in hawaii. when asked by journalist later
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he repeatedly said her family asked not to be contacted or release any photos of them together. >> much more from "tmz" tonight. nfl draft consultants say uncertainty could affect when he is selected in the nfl draft. his stock has been falling after the bcs championship game. now he could fall further after the girlfriend hoax. joining us is doug with the drl agency. when does the character matter to the nfl? the joke is the nfl stands for national felons league anyway. >> i think a lot of people would get a laugh and a lot of people would disagree. character is incredibly important. you mention the draft. we are five weeks away from the nfl combine in indianapolis. it is not just your 40, vertical and bench but a series
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of psychological tests, profiles and indepth conversations with teams and people. >> it is hard to pinpoint public sentiment. is it too soon to tell? maybe he was super naive in a victim of the internet world. >> i'm so glad you say that. manti deserves the benefit of the doubt. until we have irrefutable evidence to the contrary or admission, which seems to be popular these days, he absolutely deserves the benefit of the doubt. there is nothing in his character history that would substantiate this. >> the story is so bizarre is it possible it just reached the silly stage where we'll forget it in a few weeks anyway? >> sure. that's always possible. it used to be a daily news cycle, then 24-hour and 60 minutes. now we live in the age of 140 character journalist. the possibility that could be long forgotten in a week's time
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is certainly there. >> we'll watch it play out. it is interesting which i guess makes its news. thank you very much. >> thank you. we asked our facebook fans if they think manti was duped or lying. or lying. you can weigh in by voting on our facebook page. at last check 88% of those voted thing manti is lying. 11% think he was duped. the weather is looking dreary. we don't see a lot of snow here. we'll see it further south. let's check in with gary to see what's going on. >> no doubt a southern storm.
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the track of this storm keeps the heaviest of the accumulating snow south of d.c. we look at the big picture. i'm surprised. this is a fairly significant storm down south. there is thunderstorms breaking out in south carolina and north carolina. and western north carolina there is thunderstorms feeding back up into the colder air. we have thunder snow way out in western north carolina in the heaviest elevations. they could pick up ten inches of snow. it looks like here in d.c. it is really coming down. i think the composite radar is overdoing this a little bit. i'm switching over to give you an idea. this shows you exactly where it is. it is not showing if it is rain or snow. we don't colorize this. in fredericksburg the temperatures are dropping. some may be changing to the south of us. the big question is how far north was the shield of
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precipitation going to make it. we thought d.c. north and west. it was little if anything. that seems to be the way we'll go with the temperature in d.c. it has dropped to 32. fredericksburg 37 degrees. we think fredericksburg south will be the significant amount of snowlitis showers at 7:00. light rain and snow mixing in 38 degrees. by 11:00 temperatures dropping towards middle 30s. most of the snow significant accumulations will be down south. this is not a d.c. snow by any means. more details and complete forecast. cold stuff is coming. we'll talk about that in the full forecast. >> it is winter. see you in a few. in a few. winter storm dumps up to four inches of snow in mississippi. 2,000 customers were without power this morning because of
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the state. transportation officials are warning drivers about ice on highways and bridges. the snow is expected to melt off quickly as temperatures are expected to rise in the upper 40s. why it appears the push to reduce teen smoking in virginia is working. 
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a push to reduce smoking among virginia teens is paying off as rates fall to the lowest level in a decade. state-wide survey shows the number of middle school student white house smoke regularly declined 70% between 2001 and 2011. 3% during the same time period number of high school students dropped 18%. the governor is contributing to the decline by the virginia
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issue to reduce smoking. after losing her mom and grandmother to breast cancer miss virginia will undergoing a double mastectomy to reduce her chances of the disease. >> going back to my family history and finding out this disease took all of the women in my family i said i don't want to be me. i don't want to be like my mom writing me a letter and telling me everything she wanted to say in four pages. if you can decrease my likelihood of getting the disease that's what i'm going to do. >> she began contemplating the procedure when he father suggested it to her when she was 18 years old. paulean friedmann phillips died yesterday after a long battle with alzheimer's disease. by the time her family revealed
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she was diagnosed with alzheimer's in 2002 her daughter had taken over the column. she competed with ann landers, her twin sister. she was 94. a cop accused of killing a woman in a custody dispute is in the hands of the jury. >> also to colorado where a movie theater is set to reopen six months after a mass shooting that took 12 lives. 
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a storm system that could bring snow to the area is coming this way. gary is in the weather center with the latest. >> this system will be lingering around. no change. most of this is south of us
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where we think maybe central virginia and south of that any significant snowfall. here is where we are looking now to show you winter weather advisories. we are under a winter weather advisory southern counties. winter storm warning further south. charles county you are in this stafford county or prince george's county or fairfax county. another way to look at this. heaviest snow is well south of us. quickly over to radar. the returns here are basically fredericksburg south. the snow is southwest of that. we are getting trace amounts of snow in charlottesville. we'll continue to watch this storm moving in our direction. then we'll have to watch it progress over the next few hours. >> thank you very much. remember you can track the storm with the fox 5 weather app. download it on your droid, i- phone or ipad.
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if you see snow you can do that at the jury began deliberating in the trial of richmond phillips the d.c. police officer accused of killing his former lover leaving their 11- year-old child to suffocate in a hot car. paul wagoner is joining us live from upper marlboro with the story. >> reporter: this trial was expected to last six days. it was expected to go into next week. when the defense surprised everybody and put no witnesses on the stand the judge said let's go to the closing arguments. those closing arguments, which began after 1:30 this afternoon lasted over an hour with each side making a passionate plea for their case to the jury. both sides focused heavily on a video that was recorded the day of the murder. in his closing argument to the jury [ no audio ] no audio ]
5:33 pm
adams told the jury the object in his handgun which he used to shoot her in the back of the head. the defense attorney said not true. the item was a cell phone. both sides told the jury richmond phillips was a liar and cheater. prosecution said he lied to cover up the climb. defense argued he was only covering up an extramarital affair. prosecutor wes adams reminded the jury his dna was found in the car containing the body of
5:34 pm
an 11-month-old. prosecutors believe he killed her when he could not convince her to drop a paternity suit. the two were due in court later that day. prosecutors believe he drove her to a nearby parking lot after shooting wright she drug her body into the woods. >> reporter: we just got word there is a verdict in this case. we'll shut it down and run inside and see what it is. we'll be back in a while to tell you what the verdict is. >> thank you very much. a news alert from prince william county where police need your help finding a gunman in the fatal shooting overnight. it happened at 3:30 in the 600 block of washington street. the suspect got into an argument with the female victim before shooting her. anyone with information is asked to call crimestoppers. es
5:35 pm
firefighters had their hands full this afternoon in fairfax station. the fire broke out around 3:00. investigators trying to figure out what started this. no one was home at the time. one firefighter suffered minor injuries putting out the blaze. coming up why a ban on sunday liquor sales in d.c. is a thing of the past? >> why one man claims subway is coming up short.
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you can buy liquor 7 days a week in the district. this week the mayor signed the measure into law. the d.c. alcoholic beverage regulation administration is accepting applications of liquor stores to take advantage of the 7th day. it is to generate more revenue
5:39 pm
in the district. a fox 5 consumer alert. popular energy drink will soon appear in the courtroom. a lawsuit against red bull made public today. the company has false advertising claiming the drink gives you no more energy than a cup of coffee. attorneys declined to comment. fans of subway are hoping to get answers. australian man claims the popular foot long sandwich is 11 inches. he posted a picture on the company's facebook page which was quickly removed. the lengths can vary when the bread is not made to the chains specifications. coming up, find out who "tmz" says is behind the manti te'o controversy. >> we are two days away from the season getting started.
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coming up we'll have a live interview with cal alsner. [ male announcer ] verizon fios is the fastest internet in america.
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if player drives a zamboni to scoop up ice. frank zamboni created the ice surfacing machine. making the labor intensive job last a few minutes.
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a lot of us thought we'd see snow this way. you said it wasn't coming to d.c. but south. it is looking decent from this weather pick. >> just before i walked upstairs it really looks like -- it really looks like we could end up with nothing in town. maybe nothing like we don't even see a flake. it is just all about the dry air in place. we'll have to watch that for the next couple of hours. if it continues this way and it looks like a flake of snow is looking more doubtful with this particular storm as we continue to move through the evening. in terms of heaviest of the snow it looks like it is south of us the way things are setting up. that means a few light showers at 7:00. maybe some light rain to a little bit of light snow at
5:45 pm
9:00 in terms of the evening forecast. in terms of later on this evening storm system is closer to us most of the snow is now going to be south. certainly now it is looking like all accumulating snow will be south of us. temperatures will be dropping down in the 30s. let me show you the radar. i want to give you an idea of where it is now. this is the actual radar from the national weather service. we can color rise this so you can see where it is snowing and raining. raining. the storm is drying to throw precip into the dry air. the dry air is winning. rain in fredericksburg. temperatures went from 40s to 30s that's typical. the rain falling through a dry
5:46 pm
atmosphere lowers the temperature. the snow is further south and west. we have had trace amounts of snow for charlottesville. this is still coming. we think the good bet is the heavier snow will be south of d.c. right now it is looking like in the city the dry air continues to win. the dry air will probably continue to win for the next several hours. in terms of what is going on with satellite and radar on the bigger picture you can see the storm system is well south of us. advisories all canceled for d.c. in the purple here is the snow advisory. which means a little bit of snow. maybe an inch of two of snow down there. then the pink represents the wind storm warning where the significant amount of snow will be. i want to zoom in and show you nothing for d.c. in terms of advisories, watches or
5:47 pm
warnings. south of us in charles county and stafford we are one to two inches. little if any snow or d.c. we thought yesterday a little bit. never much. but now again the dry air seems to be winning out on top of d.c. future cast is seeing it. look where the precipitation shuts off from the city to the north. this may be 40-miles too far north. in terms of forecast for a model is excellent. you can see where the snow is coming south of harrisburg and along 64. you draw a line west to east there. that's where the snow will be more significant. this is 7:00. maybe we are a little bit in the precip here. it is not much. mainly it is in the form of very light rain. i think in the city it will change over to light snow. it doesn't look like it will accumulate to anything. where this snow continues it
5:48 pm
will continue through the evening hours. we think probably frederickburg south into richmond and down towards petersburg and southern sections of virginia is where the heaviest snow totals will be. tomorrow morning it is out of here. we wake up to sunshine. 42 in town with rain south temperatures have been dropping. we have a few reports that a couple places have seen snow showers and flurries. i think that gets more through the evening hours. bigger picture shows the center of the storm throwing all this precip back up. this is a composite. it overdoes things. from d.c. south there is no precip. important graphic everybody wants to see. snowfall amounts we are thinking a few snow flakes or a dusting could get up in the
5:49 pm
southern sections here. that is beginning to look more outful as we progress and drier air is dominating. south of us maybe extreme southern sections of prince william county towards stafford county and charles county maybe get one to two inches. again further south is where you jump into the winter storm warning. that's two to four inch totals down there. couple isolated spots. north and west of d.c. you are out of this. you won't even see a flake. evening light rain transitioning into light snow. heaviest snow will be south. by tomorrow morning we begin to get a clearing. winds bringing in colder air. we are 30 degrees. watch out if you get significant snow tonight. a few clouds at 8:00 a.m. the breeze will kick in from the northwest tomorrow afternoon. that keeps us chilly. temperatures tomorrow will
5:50 pm
approach 40 degrees. 40 degree sunshine comes back. back. 30s is typical january weather. >> that it is. thank you. talk of the town on "tmz." manti te'o girlfriend hoax. harvey levin is joining us live from l.a. "tmz" knows two is behind the hoax. do tell. >> it would appear that [ inaudible ]-all roads seem to lead to him. let me explain. you know the story that manti had a fictitious girlfriend who
5:51 pm
died of cancer. never met her. this went on for a long time. was he in on the hoax or a victim? we spoke with a woman on "tmz" live. we are about to put this up on the website. this is a woman who was talking with this fictitious girlfriend. she believed that this was a real woman. she was also talking to her online. she is a big notre dame fan. she talked to her for months and months. this woman said she is manti's girlfriend. the woman we spoke with, her name is jan, she believed it hook, line and sinker. at the point when the fictitious woman got cancer and died another woman appeared and contacted jan and said i'm the woman who died older sister. i'm going to be at the notre dame usc game. i would like to meet you.
5:52 pm
they were both at the game. the woman said i'll meet you at the tommy trojan statue. the woman is nowhere to be seen. suddenly runai shows up. he says oh, she could not make it but i'm here and they took a picture together and we have put the picture up on the internet on our site. it seems this guy is in on this scam. all seems to lead to him. the question what is his relationship with manti? that's what i think manti will have to answer. >> this just gets more bizarre by the minute. do you think manti in any way had a hand in this? or is he a victim? >> look, he is not this kind of backwoods guy who doesn't have
5:53 pm
access to a computer. it would seem at some point if this were real, how could they not at least skype having a girlfriend for all those months never skypeing or sending flowers to the hospital. it just seems bizarre. it is possible he could be that naive. it is just hard to believe. >> indeed it is. the plot thickens. we are going to hear more tonight on "tmz" on tv which follows our news tonight. thank you very much for that update. see you next time. u next time. >> momma you taught me to do the right thing. now it is time to let your baby fly. american idol kicking off the 12th season last night. it is not just the singers grabbing attention this time. so are the new panel of judges. during last night's show they
5:54 pm
got under each other's skin while urban looked on. familiar faces are back, randy jackson and ryan seacrest. the premier continues tonight at 8:00 p.m. on fox 5. tonight at 6:00 nra responds. what the group's president is vowing to do to fight the president's gun control policys. first lance armstrong loses another medal. as president obama makes history these men live it and have a special story to tell. t 
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
nearly six months adventure a mass shooting that killed 12 people and injured 60 others
5:58 pm
tonight the aurora, colorado theater is reopening. accused gunman james holmes faces 166 murder charges for last summer's attack. he is scheduled to be arraigned in march. plus, are searching for a woman who abducted a 5-year-old elementary girl from her elementary school. the girl was forced to change out of clothes and hide under a bed after being taken out of the classroom monday morning. a passer by found the girl shivering outside after missing. students in new york city are still waiting for the school bus literally. on-going strike between bus drivers and the city administration continues for a second day as tens of thousands of students are forced to find another way to school. mayor bloomberg says the strike is about job guarantees union members can't have. thank you for joining us at 5:00. the news at 6:00 starts now.
5:59 pm
we are watching the weather on the news edge. overall most of us have been spared of a winter storm. snow is creeping in the southern part of our viewing area. >> it is definitely delayed. as a result of that we are seeing changes to those advisories. first stop tonight is radar. not much going on in the d.c. area. we have a big wedge of dry air acting like a brick wall and not allowing precipitation to advance north. you have to get towards fredericksburg where it is mainlying light rain with temperatures in the upper 30s. down here towards the charlottesville area and harrisburg you can see we are starting to see a change over and small amounts of snow are getting picked up. there is definitely more precipitation to come. we believe most will be passing south only brushing the

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